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White on White, Atlanta


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White on White, Atlanta

Artwork Details


Robert "Chip" Simone
American, born 1945




Pigmented inkjet print

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Please contact the Museum for more information.


Currently Not on View


Atlanta-based street photographer Chip Simone has worked in relative obscurity for the last four decades, eschewing photographic trends in favor of following his own vision. His images are highly personal responses to a specific environment, event, or encounter. Simone describes his photography as spontaneous and improvisational: “Like jazz music the images spring from the moment while being informed by everything that led up to that moment… the artist moves in silence tracing long, thin lines in time hoping to reinvent the circle.” Part of a series that is the product of an intense period of experimentation with digital technology, this photograph reflects Simone’s long term quest to “invest the print with the emotional resonance that I felt when I first saw the picture.”


Purchase with funds from Jane and Clay Jackson and the Photography Acquisition Fund

Image Copyright

(c) Chip Simone