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Poem Eyes ( These Saw Visions…)

Modern and Contemporary Art

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Poem Eyes ( These Saw Visions…)

Artwork Details


Lesley Dill
American, born 1950




Paint, collage, thread on silkscreen and tea-stained paper

Accession #



149 x 75 inches


On View - Anne Cox Chambers Wing, Skyway, Gallery 424


Best known for her combination of art and text in large scale installations, Leslie Dill explores the relationships between poetry, the female body, and emotion in conflict with social conventions. Dill’s use of language developed while she was living in India between 1990-92. There she developed an affinity with the country’s spiritual traditions and artforms such as Buddhist prayer flags printed with sacred texts. She has described language as being, “the touchstone … of all my work.” Dill’s scroll paintings combine text with photographic images of the female form, alluding to the cascade of a waterfall symbolic of emotional release and spiritual renewal.


Purchase with 20th Century Art Acquisition Fund