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No Match for Your Demons

Modern and Contemporary Art

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No Match for Your Demons

Artwork Details


Renee Stout
American, born 1958




Mixed media

Accession #



17 x 14 inches


On View - Anne Cox Chambers Wing, Skyway, Gallery 422


Renee Stout’s fictitious alter ego named Fatima Mayfield is among the many imaginary figures whose lives unfold in her work. Stout has described Mayfield as a “vehicle that allows me to role play in order to confront the issues, whether it’s romantic relationships, social ills, or financial woes, in a way that’s open, creative and humorous.” Her paintings We Shared a Ripe Mango, No Match for Your Demons, We Were Laughing on the Sun Porch, and The Missing Book comprise a suite of four paintings based on imaginary memories that Mayfield may have shared with others. Each panel presents a vignette painted and composed with assemblage in a magic realist style, providing fragments of a narrative that the viewer is invited to reconstruct.


Purchase with David C. Driskell African American Art Acquisition Fund

Image Copyright

© Renee Stout