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Indian Country

Modern and Contemporary Art

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Indian Country

Artwork Details


Stanley Whitney
American, born 1946




Oil on linen

Accession #



72 x 72 inches


On View - Wieland Pavilion, Skyway, Gallery 413


Taking inspiration from Color Field painters of the 1960s, minimalism, and the jazz improvisation of Ornette Coleman, Stanley Whitney constructs his painterly grids of color by way of a “call and response,” in which one color suggests the next. This process—recalling that of Ellsworth Kelly, for whom chance and optical phenomena determined compositional structure—injects the geometric logic of Whitney’s painting with spontaneity and rhythm.


Purchase with funds from Merry McCleary, Vicki and Howard Palefsky, Pamola Powell and Guy Lescault, Elaine Levin, Joe Massey, Tede Fleming and Joe Williams, Nancy and Gene Hooff, Lucinda Bunnen, Kristen Cahill, Jiong Yan and Baxter Jones, Marianne Lambert, Judy and Scott Lampert, Tim and Lauren Schrager, Chris Appleton, and Lisa and Chuck Taylor