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Hacking Infinity, Shoes

Decorative Arts and Design

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Hacking Infinity, Shoes

Artwork Details


Iris van Herpen (Dutch, born 1984), designer
Noritaka Tatehana (Japanese, born 1985), designer
In collaboration with United Nude and 3D Systems, manufacturers


March 2015


Laser-cut cow leather, 3-D-printed photopolymer, and stereolithography resin

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Currently Not on View


Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen collaborated with Japanese shoe designer Noritaka Tatehana to create a work that challenges and transforms contemporary structure and methods of shoe design. The duo utilized a marriage of traditional handcraft and 3-D printing technology for this strikingly unconventional shoe form. Designed for van Herpen’s 2015 Hacking Infinity collection, the shoe is made of 3-D printed “crystals” [SLA resin and photopolymer] and laser-cut, hand-applied leather strapping.


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