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Mrs. Martin Luther King Jr. on Her Front Lawn, Atlanta, Ga. 1968,

#1960Now_Atlanta_protest in Buckhead: “Atlanta is Ready” Philando Castile and Alton Sterling Atlanta, GA July 2016,

#1960Now_Selma_50th: Bloody Sunday 50th Anniversary, Selma, AL March 2015,

#1960Now_Ferguson_protest: National March in Ferguson, “We Can’t Stop” Mike Brown, Ferguson, MO March 2015,

#1960Now_Baltimore protest: “All Night, All Day We’re Gonna to Fight For Freddie Gray” Baltimore, MD April 2015,

Black Panthers organization helps serve breakfast to youngsters in a Philadelphia headquarters,

Police Chief Gene Smith (R) watches as firemen use hose to push back crowd protesting integration of Central High School. Flag carrying marchers massted at the State Capitol then proceeded to Central.,

KKKK Sign, Tuscaloosa, Alabama,

Klan Meeting, Memphis, Tennessee,

The Klub, Uniontown, Alabama,