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Summer Camp


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Young girl with dark wavy hair shows a teaching artist her artwork.

Dive into art this summer at the High! Young artists will explore the Museum’s galleries and create original artworks. Campers will learn about the Museum’s collection and special exhibitions while honing their skills in drawing, painting, and design.

Professional teaching artists will inspire your child to look closely, experiment with materials, and try new techniques. Our weeklong camps are designed to serve rising first through eighth graders.

Camp Schedule

Monday–Friday: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.
Morning drop-off: 8:30–9 a.m.
Afternoon pickup: 3:30–4 p.m.
Aftercare is available as an add-on for late pickups until 6 p.m.

The High Museum of Art reserves the right to cancel, change, or alter any program due to attendance.

Pricing and Registration

Members: $350/week
Not-Yet-Members: $450/week

Registration for the High’s 2022 Summer Art Camp opens at 10 a.m. on February 8 for Members and February 15 for the general public.

Membership Discounts


If you are not currently a member, but would like to become one or renew an expired membership, simply select the camp you’d like to purchase below and then add a membership in the cart when prompted. Your discount will be applied before you finish your transaction.

If You Already Joined

If you just purchased a membership in a separate transaction, you will be able to access member prices within the hour. If it has been more than one hour since you purchased a membership and you still do not see the member price, please make sure to clear your cookies.

Camp Aftercare

Aftercare (4–6 p.m.): $75/week
Purchase aftercare when you register for camps.
Aftercare extends pick-up until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday of the camp week. During aftercare, campers will create small art projects, play games, and have free time. Campers are fully supervised while in aftercare.

Camp FAQ

For additional information, check out our Camp FAQ
Questions? Email us at HMAcamps@high.org for registration questions or assistance, and 404-800-0547 for all other questions.

Join the Camp Waitlist

If your preferred camp is full, you may join the waitlist, by filling out this form. We will contact you as soon as a spot opens. If we don’t hear back from you within twenty-four hours, the spot may be offered to the next person on the waitlist.

What is Summer Camp Like?


  • Week 3: Pop of Color
    June 20–24
    Are bright colors your favorite, or do you prefer pastels? Join us for a week full of color exploration. Search the galleries for artworks that use color in different and creative ways. In the studio, play with colors to create vibrant paintings or moody ink drawings. Discover the endless possibilities of colors!

    Week 4: Going Wild!
    June 27 – July 1
    Lions and tigers and ART—oh, my! Get ready for a roaring good time with daily safaris through the galleries to discover animals in art from all over the world. We’ll let our imaginations run wild while making our own animal-inspired artworks in the studio with paint, clay, fabric, and more!

    Week 5: Food and Art
    July 11–15
    Love food? So do we! Find food in art while creating art with food. Explore the galleries as you learn the different ways artists were inspired by and depicted food. Then head to the studio, where food and art will collide. From burgers made of clay to prints made from potatoes, this week will have you thinking of food in a different way.*
    *Food art not for consumption.

    Week 6: Messy Masterpieces
    July 18–22
    Come get messy with us! Explore the galleries to study artworks that play with texture, and discover modern ways to make art. Then get creatively messy in the studio as you explore fun ways to create your own art that plays with your senses.

    Week 7: Space-Art Exploration
    July 25–29
    Blast off and discover out-of-this-world art! Paint your way through the sky as we explore day and night in the galleries. Discover different constellations, splatter-paint a new universe, and investigate how to make prints using the sun.

  • Week 3: Museum Mysteries
    June 20–24
    Calling all junior detectives! Grab your magnifying glass and get ready to sleuth as we try to solve some marvelous museum mysteries. We’ll dig deep into the lives of famous artists, search for clues in paintings, and more. In the studio, swap your detective hat for your artist’s apron and investigate the mysteries of materials as we paint, collage, and draw. The game is afoot!

    Week 4: Color Me Silly!
    June 27 – July 1
    Explore the endless possibilities of color in a week full of experimentation and pigmentation. In the gallery, learn about color theory and how artists used it in their art to convey moods and meanings. In the studio, experiment with how colors work on different surfaces and how to use colors with different mediums.

    Week 5: Curious Creatures
    July 11–15
    Navigate through the galleries as you embark on a journey to find all the wonderful animals in the museum. Learn how artists in the galleries were inspired by wild animals to create remarkable works of art. Then, in the studio, let your wild side loose as you create animal-inspired prints, sculptures, and more!

    Week 6: STEAMulating Art
    July 18–22
    Tinker your way through art in a camp all about exploration, experimentation, and creation! Discover how artists use science, technology, engineering, and math in their artworks as you explore the galleries. Next, roll up your sleeves in the studio to create a shadow self-portrait, defy gravity with towering sculptures, or create a new masterpiece with your own handmade brushes and paint.

    Week 7: Accessorizing Art!
    July 25–29
    Make bold fashion statements this week at camp with art that you can wear! Find and be inspired by masks, jewelry, and clothing in the galleries. In the workshops, flex your fingers with finger knitting, create cardboard armor, or work with leather to create awesome accessorizes. Define your style as you create and discover new ways to make wearable art!

  • Week 3: Upcycled Art: Using Art to help the Environment
    June 20–24
    Create unique works of art while helping preserve the environment and using everyday materials you find. Find inspiration in the galleries from artists who pushed the boundaries of what can be used in art. From creating your own paper from recycled material to upscaling an existing artwork to using a material in a new way—the possibilities are endless!

    Week 4: Art Transformations!: Remix the Art and Make it Your Own
    June 27 – July 1
    Put your art skills to the test in this week all about art transformations! We’ll ask “what if?” and “why not?” as we explore works in the Museum’s collection. Investigate landscapes, still lifes, portraits, and sculptures in the galleries, and create artwork of your own in the studio. Whether you transform a drawing into a sculpture or re-create a sculpture into a painting, channel your inner transformer to change your art into something new!

    Week 5: Magical, Mythical, Fantastical Beasties!
    July 11–15
    Marvelous creatures come to life from cultures around the world and of course from our own imaginations too! Explore the galleries to find hidden creatures and learn their importance within the artworks. Then create your own beast-inspired work as you let your inner wild side come out.

    Week 6: Time-Travel: From Ancient Egypt to King Arthur’s Court
    July 18–22
    Turn on your imagination and travel through time and space in this adventure-filled week! Each day, we’ll visit a new country and time period to discover art-making traditions from old Europe to the modern Americas and beyond. After exploring the galleries, we’ll return to the studio to make our own art inspired by this blast from the past!

    Week 7: HogwARTS!
    July 25–29
    Accio, campers! If you love Hogwarts, then grab your wand and get ready for a week of artistic wizardry. Each day will be devoted to a different class, and this year’s schedule includes Astronomy, Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, Transfiguration, and Potions. At week’s end, test your skills in a competition for the Triwizard Art Cup. Can you transfigure ordinary supplies into truly magical masterpieces? No need to wait on an owl—sign up now for your week at HogwARTs!

  • Week 3: Portraits and Self-Portraits: Picasso’s Selfies
    June 20–24
    Learn techniques in painting, sketching, and drawing to create your own amazing portraits. Examine ways that artists in the galleries skillfully used materials and techniques to capture facial expressions, emotions, and character in portraiture work.

    Week 4: An Artist’s Toolbox: More than a Paintbrush
    June 27 – July 1
    Dive into an artist’s toolbox and explore the different art tools and mediums that artists use to create masterpieces. In the galleries, learn about different artworks and how the artist’s choice of tools and medium affected the overall message. Back in the studio, explore and experiment with those tools and mediums and discover which ones call to you as an artist.

    Week 5: Abstraction Subtraction
    July 11–15
    Explore the fascinating world of abstract art and learn the thought process that goes behind subtracting an artwork to its minimalistic self. Learn interesting facts about abstract art as you hunt through the galleries for artworks that approach abstraction in different ways. Back in the studio, explore how to create abstract art of your own. How deep will you go into the world of art subtraction?

    Week 6: Sculpture
    July 18–22
    From carving to building, join us as we explore the different sides of sculpture as an important form of art. Explore the galleries for terrific sculptures and learn how the artists’ manipulated their medium. Then roll up your sleeves and discover how to work in 3D as you create your own sculptures. Learn how to bend wire to create forms, use clay to tell a message, and more.

    Week 7: Fibers and Handcrafts: Puppets, Jewelry, Fashion, Oh My!
    July 25–29
    Dive into a joyous jumble of materials, colors, and projects! We’ll explore puppets, jewelry, clothing, sculpture, found-object assemblage, and more this week. Be inspired by artworks in the galleries made of wool, yarn, wire, or wood. Materials such as leather, beads, and countless others will find their way into the studio and become transformed into sewn photographs, wrapped objects, painted garments, printed fabric costumes for ceramic-headed puppets, and more!