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Summer Art Camp

Camp Schedule

9 a.m.–4 p.m.
Morning drop-off: 8:30–9 a.m.
Afternoon pickup: 3:30-4 p.m.
Aftercare is available as an add-on for late pickups until 6 p.m.

Atlanta Parent's Best of Family Fun Winner 2017
Dive into art this summer at the High! Young artists will explore the Museum’s galleries, create original artworks, and showcase their masterpieces in a special exhibition each week. Campers will learn about the Museum’s collection and special exhibitions while honing their skills in drawing, painting, and design.

Professional teaching artists will inspire your child to look closely, experiment with materials, and try new techniques. Our weeklong camps are designed to serve rising first through eighth graders.

Spots fill quickly, so register today!

Members: $300/week
Not-Yet-Members: $400/week
Aftercare (4–6 p.m.): $50/week

To sign up for a membership and receive 25% off Art Camp registration, please visit our Membership page.
The High Museum of Art reserves the right to cancel, change, or alter any program due to attendance.

A camp teacher assists students creating artworks.


For additional information, check out our Camp FAQ
Questions? Email us at or call 404-800-0547.

  • Week 1: Color, Texture, and Shape in Modern Art
    June 10–14, 2019

    We’re bringing the fun back to the fundamentals of art while investigating artworks in our modern and contemporary art galleries. Discover how artists play with color and then create a color wheel, make textures using unusual materials, build with organic and geometric shapes, and create your own modern masterpiece.

    This camp is full. Please email to be added to the waitlist.


    Week 2: Movers and Shakers
    June 17–21, 2019

    Make some noise and do a little dance in our galleries! Hop, skip, and jump your way through the museum to find artworks that move and make sound. Make your own instruments, paint with music, and capture motion in your artwork after finding inspiration in the galleries.


    Week 3: Anchors Aweigh!
    June 25–29, 2019

    All hands on deck as we explore the deep sea, the beach, and everything in between! Imagine what lies beneath the seascapes in the museum’s collection, discover how artists depict the ocean throughout our galleries, and paint your dream beach vacation.


    Week 4: Art Tales
    July 8–12, 2019

    Tell a tall tale, spin a yarn, and find fables in the museum. Examine how artists use mythology, folklore, and history to inspire their creations. Make your own mythological paintings, tell a story on canvas, and invent new characters that come to life through your art.


    Week 5: The Animal Kingdom
    July 15–19, 2019

    Lions and tigers and campers? Oh my! Search the galleries for beasts large and small hanging on the walls. Find new animal friends roaring, purring, and growling through the museum. In the workshops, invent imaginary creatures, build larger-than-life animals, and paint an environment for the museum’s animals to live in.

    This camp is full. Please email to be added to the waitlist.


    Week 6: Sun, Moon, and Stars
    July 22–26, 2019

    Look to the skies! Paint your way through the sky as we explore day and night in the galleries. Campers will discover different constellations, splatter-paint a new universe, and investigate how to make prints using only the sun.

    This camp is full. Please email to be added to the waitlist.


    Week 7: STEAM Works
    July 29–August 2, 2019

    Tinker your way through art in a camp all about exploration, experimentation, and creation! Discover how artists use science, technology, engineering, and math in their artworks as you explore in the galleries. Next, roll up your sleeves in the workshop to create a shadow self-portrait, defy gravity with a handmade mobile, and create a new masterpiece with your own handmade brushes and paint.

    This camp is full. Please email to be added to the waitlist.

  • Week 1: Full STEAM Ahead
    June 10–14, 2019

    Climb aboard this week of camp focused on innovation and experimentation. Discover how artists use science, technology, engineering, and math as we tour the galleries. Consider balance and make a mobile like Alexander Calder’s, paint a landscape using only gravity, and build a simple machine that draws for you.


    Week 2: Uncharted Waters
    June 17–21, 2019

    Dive into the unknown world of the deep blue sea, deserted islands, and what’s beyond the horizon as we encounter oceans in the museum. Explore the wonders of the sea as you paint with salt and sand, build a boat for your adventures, and create a map to help you find buried treasure.


    Week 3: Across the Pond: European Landscapes
    June 24–28, 2019

    Get out your passport for this European adventure! Travel across Europe through landscapes in the museum’s collection and in the exhibition European Masterworks: The Phillips Collection. You’ll explore the English countryside of John Constable, paint starry skies like Vincent van Gogh, and create unusual landscapes like Wassily Kandinsky.


    Week 4: pARTy Animals
    July 8–12, 2019

    Take a walk on the wild side at the museum as hunt for tigers, elephants, birds, and snakes in the galleries. Discover both tame and crazy creatures hiding in the museum’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures. In the workshops, paint a pet portrait, sculpt an animal mask, and become a true pARTy animal!


    Week 5: Cosmic Creations
    July 15–19, 2019

    Calling all astronauts! Come discover planets, stars, and universes in the museum. Explore new horizons with artists who depicted outer space (and planet Earth!) in our galleries. Create your own constellations, sculpt a planet, and make some art that’s out of this world.


    Week 6: Stories Around the World
    July 22–26, 2019

    Find stories in art during this camp that explores the myths, traditions, and narratives of cultures across the globe. Travel to Africa to discover the importance of masks and headdresses, explore new ways to tell old stories in our modern art galleries, and envision the stories behind European paintings. Take inspiration from the galleries to create your own tale in our workshops.


    Week 7: Make Some Noise
    July 29–August 2, 2019

    Join our jam session as we discover music in the galleries. Investigate how sounds and music inspire artists and how they create artworks that make sounds. In the workshops, build your own musical instrument out of recycled materials, paint to your favorite song, and make some noise!

  • Week 1: Painting Up a Storm
    June 10–14, 2019

    Get out your umbrella (and sunglasses!) for this week of camp all about weather. See how artists depict seasons and climates in their paintings and sculptures, from stormy scenes to wintry wonderlands. Then look to the skies as we paint with rain, print with sunlight, and imagine cooler temperatures.


    Week 2: Extreme STEAM
    June 17–21, 2019

    Are you up for an art challenge? Discover how artists use science, technology, engineering, and math in their artworks, and then put your skills to the test as we innovate to make original artworks. Experiment with balance to create an Alexander Calder–inspired mobile, collaborate to build a drawing machine, and explore patterns when you create a tessellation painting.


    Week 3: Music to Your Ears and Eyes
    June 24–28, 2019

    Do you have an ear for music? What about an eye for music? Join us in this camp all about sound, noise, and music, even if you’re tone deaf! Discover artworks in our galleries that make noise and were inspired by sound. Craft your own instruments, turn your favorite song into an abstract painting, and make some noise in the workshops.


    Week 4: Wearable Art
    July 8–12, 2019

    Make an art fashion statement in this week of camp all about art you can wear. Find masks, jewelry, and clothing amongst the galleries’ paintings and displays. In the workshops, make an African-inspired headdress, create fabric based on your favorite painting, and discover new ways you can wear the art on our walls!


    Week 5: Myths and Legends
    July 15–19, 2019

    Calling all storytellers! Get ready to learn some legends, tell new tales, and find stories in art. Travel through the galleries to see how artists use mythology, folklore, and history to inspire their creations. Then build your own mythical characters, make masks that tell a story, and paint modern interpretations of favorite folktales.


    Week 6: Where the Wild Things Are
    July 22–26, 2019

    Let the wild rumpus start! Wild animals have taken over the museum, and it’s up to us to round them up. Search the galleries for feral felines, slithering snakes, and crazy creatures. In the workshops, paint a new world for the museum’s animals, make a mixed-media wild beast, and draw your inner animal.


    Week 7: Nautical Journeys
    July 29–August 2, 2019

    Set sail for wild adventures across the sea and through the museum’s galleries as we get inspired by everything nautical! Paint with salt and sand, imagine what lies beneath the seascapes in our collection, and build mixed-media marine animals.

  • Week 1: Drawing and Painting: Figures and Still Lifes
    June 10–14, 2019

    Inspired by our collection and special exhibitions, capture your creative ideas in pencil, charcoal, and paint. Learn how to express movement of the human form from live models, marble sculptures, and centuries of paintings in the museum, and investigate depth and light while making your own still-life paintings.


    Week 2: Drawing and Painting: Perspective and Composition
    June 17–21, 2019

    Draw your way through the galleries! Inspired by our collection and special exhibitions, capture your creative ideas in pencil, charcoal, and paint. Using the museum’s collection, architecture, and surrounding cityscape as inspiration, examine perspective and composition through paint. Learn the fundamentals of drawing through experimenting with balance, proportions, and focal point.


    Week 3: Impressionist Views: European Masterworks
    June 24–28, 2019

    Make an impression in the galleries with European Masterworks: The Phillips Collection. Discover paintings by Impressionist masters including Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, and Edgar Degas, and explore different techniques to create your own stylistic landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. Paint the museum’s surroundings en plein air, explore oil pastels and different methods of blending, and discover how Impressionism inspires contemporary artists.


    Week 4: Illustration: Gouache and Watercolor
    July 8–12, 2019

    Discover the different properties and applications of water-based media in this camp all about gouache and watercolors. Focusing on our special exhibition The Pursuit of Everything: Maira Kalman’s Books for Children, explore how artists paint to illustrate stories, ideas, and emotions. Experiment with layering, color theory, and more as you create painted sayings, cards, and book illustrations.


    Week 5: Illustration: Advertising and Marketing
    July 15–19, 2019

    Art and design are best friends. Explore the relationships between them by looking closely at overlapping themes in our collection. Experiment with typography as you create your personal brand, hide your favorite products in a carefully crafted drawing, and see how artists promote themselves to become celebrities.


    Week 6: Face to Face: Portraits and Self-Portraits
    July 22–26, 2019

    Come face-to-face with portraiture in this camp! Search the museum’s galleries for portraits and self-portraits throughout time, and learn all about proportion, structure, features, and likeness. In the workshop, paint a portrait in the style of an artist you discover in the galleries, sculpt a face out of unusual materials, and create self-portraits that express all of your emotions.


    Week 7: Artists Assemble!: Zines and Collages
    July 29–August 2, 2019

    Explore the use of niche culture, mixed media, and individuality through text and images. Get inspired in our galleries as you explore how artists use different materials to communicate ideas. In the workshops, cut, paste, draw, print, and assemble with different materials to create collages based on art in the galleries and zines that express yourself.